Flight Planner
Why discontinue the best flight planner available?  This really diminishes the value of AOPA membership.
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Hi Albert. Thank you for reaching out. We are working with several companies in the industry to provide a replacement option(s) for those who wish to continue to utilize a desktop Flight Planning application. While we didn’t have the option to keep the current Flight Planner going, we do understand the value of having a desktop tool. We are also exploring opportunities for those who wish to use an EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) to have this option from our industry partners at the best price possible. We will communicate all details as soon as they become available. Thank you for being a valued member and AOPA pilot.
We are happy to announce iFlightPlanner for AOPA, available on Wednesday, April 22. AOPA members can access the new planner through https://www.aopa.org/travel/aopa-flight-planner.

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