New flight planner
I just tried iFlightPlanner and compared to what we had lots of things needed to get back to where we were.

1. unless I missed it, there is no way to modify a plan by removing a waypoint after it has been added. you must start the planning process over.
2. There was a button that would show winds aloft in a profile view (not available) and you could select the altitude for the whole plan or a segment
3. on the map display there was an option to have wind direction and speed arrows
4. it would be great to have tutorial videos. the PDF doc with instructions does not cover everything.
5.  If i understand correctly, we have to upgrade to Core within 60 days to keep access? the iFlightPlanner site says its free for 60 days. Is AOPA giving us "Core" level access or are some features blocked?

We didn't have an Android version with the previous planner but at least we could print out a lapboard size flight plan. Would have been great to have an android version to upgrade to. Flight plan docs in iFlightPlanner are full 8x10 sheets of paper.

Overall, this is a bit of a let down from what we had before..

That said I am looking hard at the iFlyGPS. VFR package (79.99) It has a couple of ways to look at the flight profile which is big to me, is more intuitive than iFlightPlanner and runs on android. The only catch is to run on 2 platforms (windows and android for example) requires a 24.95 a year upgrade. It works with a lot of ADSB devices out of the box, and has a cool feature called "Real Plan" the automatically chooses the best altitude and route based on parameters you put in. iRealPlan is still beta but works very well. No I dont get commissions or work for iFlyGPS, they just seem to have the closest to what we had before with the ability to run on android, windows or i things
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You are right. There are serious deficiencies to the new product. 1. No link to AOPA Flight Directory.  2. Missing a lot of airport information (some airports have nothing but AFD info. 3. Still no fuel stop provisions. 4. Discount to higher level is minimal. 5. No indication where fuel pricing is coming from. 6. As you mention, no wind optimization. 7. Not clear if TFR information is displayed or current.  
I really was NOT looking for a tablet program to take in the plane........I have that already. I want a superior flight planning tool, where I can compare routes, fuel stops, etc. I want to find restaurants and lodging near the airport, get the AOPA directory comments, etc. Really sad that AOPA took a giant step backwards, and didn't even announce what they were doing until 1 week before old program goes away.
Well, the Youtube tutorials are now available. They dont show up on the AOPA channel unless you search for them. this link is the search i did. there are only 4 videos but they address some of the problems i mention above. it isnt clear but he keeps mentioning a mobile version.

I poked around a bit yesterday.  Is there a way to look at the weather on the route vs time?  I really enjoyed the "weather along route" function in the past and the ability to see weather few hours before and after proposed flight.  This info helped with deciding launch times and go\no go decisions.
I am a Canadian AOPA member.  The new flight planner does not have any Canadian Information!!!
I don't see a Profile view of the flight nor any way to export the flight to .fpl or .gpx formats.
in iflightplanner you are correct. IFlyGPS has a profile view if you click into the flight plan and click altitudes and you will see a profile view similar to the old flight planner. then you have to sign up to be able to export the flight plan