iFlightplanner Suggestions
I watched the video put up on AOPA live a few days ago. It was helpful. Thanks for bringing rubberbanding to the program.  I had stopped using the software because it was too much of a pain to use without the rubberbanding.  I will now try it again.

I really miss the profile view as a pilot here in the Mountain West.  The ability to see the profile was helpful in selecting altitudes in the old program.  The ability to select different altitudes for different segments was great.  For example, when I depart KFMN eastboud towards ALS one airway has a 15k MEA, the other 13K, then 14k along V83 eastbound to Gosip intersection. After GOSIP the MEA rapidly drops down to 7k.  It was nice to be able to plan the high altitude segments then drop the post-Gosip segments to lower altitudes, as one example.  I can pop the plan into Garmin Pilot to see a profile view, but it is a pain to have to go back and forth.  I prefer desktop flight planning.

Adding Fuel Stop capability would be very nice.  I often plan 500NM plus trips and fuel stop capability along the whole planned trip would save a lot of time in picking the best (and cheapest fuel) route.

Thanks for considering these comments.
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I totally agree with Gary's comments and others who are dissappointed with this new iFlightplanner.   Like others, this was a major reason for my membership for over 40 decades.   If AOPA doesn't improve this planner back to the many features missing, I too will drop my membership.   AOPA really really dropped the ball here and seems not to care about everyday GA pilots and there needs