iFlightplanner bug?
I used iFlightplanner for quite a while before AOPA gave us access. It seems to have a bug that it never used to have. I planned a round-robin sightseeing flight and filed it. I went to the Leidos site to make sure that the actual filing was correct, and to get weather briefings, etc. The route in iFlightplanner looked OK, with several waypoints listed. The filed plan, however, had nothing in the route field, so the flight consisted of the departure and arrival airports - which were the same. Short flight! Anyone else seeing this? I sent a help request about three weeks ago, but have not received anything beyond the automated “We got your request” e-mail.
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I received an email from John Burnside with iFlightPlanner. Somehow their response to AOPA never got back to me; blame the communication chain. I’m sure that the issue will be resolved now. I have always had great service from iFlightPlanner.