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FAA Extensions due to COVID-19 Situation?
Answered By AOPA
Does anyone know if the FAA is considering extensions for flight reviews, knowledge tests, and medicals?  My FAA 3rd class medical expires at the end of next month and my AME is not taking appointments for airman medical exams due to the COVID-19 crisis.
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AOPA Staff Answer
As of today, we are still waiting for some word from the FAA on how they will handle expiring certifications over the next few months.  For those of you on Special Issuances and can't get into your doctor's or AME's offices to renew those authorizations, you might want to consider going the BasicMed route IF you can get into a physician who is doing those exams, and can otherwise meet the BasicMed requirements---that is, have held a valid medical on or after July 15,2006 and your most recent medical was not denied, suspended, revoked, or withdrawn, and you fly an a/c that meets the 6000 lbs and six occupant seat limit.
Stay tuned and soon as we hear something from the FAA, we will post the update online.  Hope everyone is tolerably managing their new reality and staying healthy!


Not Abuse. The alternate option is to just comply. There is always SOME way, even if totally not reasonable. The Agency has AMEs abroad, in fact in the UK. They have FAA certified IA's abroad as well.

Your commentary indicate that nothing except exactly what you want them to do, will do for you.
With a bureaucracy the alternatives are always: Comply vs defy.

I do see this a problematic in your situation as the border patrol asks for your medical...and I wonder if they will "get the memo".  It's a bureaucratic response, definitely not geared to a (Dominica) UK subject operating an N registered aircraft outside the US.  It's a....bureaucracy. I wonder if your governing body will "get the memo" as well.....whaddda world.  It's just like our not being able to operate Basic Med in Canada.

We are after all in a period of international non-cooperation. Our relationship to Mexico, is in shambles.  Boris Johnson and the EU.  Whatsis name in Austria.  Sigh.
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"the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will not take legal enforcement action against any person serving as a required pilot flight crewmember or flight engineer based on noncompliance with medical certificate duration standards when expiration of the required medical certificate occurs from March 31, 2020, through June 30, 2020."

You might ask AOPA's legal eagles just what that does and does not mean.  It sounds a bit narrow to me.
Hi Ron,
Attached is the FAA policy document.

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Wildermind At AOPA:
OK, good news everyone.  The FAA just released a notice for suspension of enforcement action against medical certificates that expire through June 30th.  Further similar action on other FAA certificates will be forthcoming. The notices will be published in the Federal Register, but you can read the story on the home page.

There's a big difference between "suspension of enforcement action" and waiver/exemption from the regulation.  The former might keep you from getting your ticket suspended, but it would not waive any provision of your insurance policy requiring a current medical certificate.  Nor would it prevent a Compliance Action by the FAA.  IOW, "suspension of enforcement" doesn't make it legal to fly with an expired medical.  Are you sure those are the exact words the FAA used in the official publication in the Federal Register?

Are you insane - or simply unable to comprehend the English language?

Anti-authority? - read each word slowly or get an adult to help you.

One cannot fly to the US - the airport are closed to British citizens, it matters not whether I fly myself or in an airliner.

Your abusive comments are not appreciated - read my original post and your response (again get an adult to help) - you clearly go on here just to insult and annoy people your comments were not helpful and any reasonable person would have not found them to be so.

Seems that the medicals have been extended for three months and others will follow - either way I am good until June.