Angel Flight supplies for COVID-19
Out in CA we are under a shelter-in-place, so flying is limited to "essential" services. With so many people with insufficient supplies, is there any room for GA to fill in the gaps and fly routes with supplies (similar to Angel Flight, minus the passengers)?
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Not in the US, in the Eastern Caribbean, but I have offered my airplane to do just that.

There are only two light airplanes on the island, we do not have a jet capable airport.

The catch is that my medical runs out end of April, yup, right at the point at which this thing is likely to peak my flight review end if May, there is no FAA medical examiner or CFI here, I was booked to go up to the US next Friday - I see a response from the FAA which can be summarised as "the rules is the rules" on the logical issue of extensions to medicals and flight reviews. 

Hoping they will change that for non-commercial flights, I'd be happy if they said ok but carry no passengers - I have decided already that come what may, if I am called on to do a flight carrying something to protect life I am going to do it medical or no medical.