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Are there any recommendations on how to do flight instruction in light of the corona virus. I am 69 years old and need an IPC. I had a CFII lined up for instruction and a IPC and then had second thoughts about it because of the inability to safely distance and not knowing what the health conditions were of the instructor or any of his previous students. Any thoughts on getting past this paranoia?
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Have you seen AOPA's advice here?  In addition, here are some questions you probably should be asking:
  1. Has the instructor/trainee felt sick at all in the last couple of weeks?
  2. Has anyone of their family, friends, colleagues, etc…displayed symptoms or been tested positive for COVID 19?
  3. Have they travelled recently in the last month out of state (flew on the airlines) or out of the country or been in contact with someone who has?
  4. Does anyone else have access and fly the aircraft? If so how recently was it flown by them?
  5. Has the instructor/trainee flown with anyone else in the last two weeks?  If so, were full precautions (including mask/gloves) used by both?
  6. Has the instructor/trainee been observing self-isolation procedures for the last two weeks?