Has sharing a cockpit led to anyone getting a COVID positive test?
I fly my Cardinal RG, largely only solo since the COVID pandemic started.  However, I also fly CAP C-182's and C-172's for mission crew training, and we follow the CAP guidance on flying with masks and sanitizing the aircraft before and after flights.  As the overall US rates of positive COVID tests have gone up dramatically in the last month, has there been any increase in getting a positive COVID test result that can be traced to sharing a cockpit with another pilot?  A CFI I know who teaches at a university flight school has seen a large number of his students and some of the other CFI's having to quarantine due to COVID exposure, although not specifically attributed to their time in the cockpit.  I was wondering if others had seen positive COVID diagnoses that could be attributed to sharing cockpits with others.
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Honestly, I can't completely rely on the covid tests as they only have a 60% success rate. But anyway I have never heard of such case.
Any additional insight here?  I recently cleared my Basic Med hurdle after not flying 10 years. My wife is nervous about me spending 5-10 hrs in the cockpit with my CFI who has a much more casual COVID approach than my family to life. 

curious as to what others are seeing and doing. 

So is this what happened to the forums?  I miss the old days. 

I won't fly with someone in my airplane unless they wear a mask and have been fully vaccinated. My wife is the exception and both of us have been fully vaccinated and gotten boosters. When I do Instrument Proficiency Checks with a CFII, I ask about this up front when scheduling the flight. The CFII that I normally use is someone who is fully vaccinated and wears a mask. The reason that I insist upon masks even if the person is vaccinated is that there's evidence that even vaccinated people can spread the virus, although for a shorter time than the unvaccinated. There's a lot of information and misinformation out there (especially the Internet) on this subject so I just stick with CDC guidelines. I know a lot of people who have gotten COVID-19. For some of them it's been no worse than a cold. Others had some serious problems. I'm over 70, have a 4 year old grandson who isn't vaccinated, and I'm not a gambler.


Andrew Meranda: 

I won't fly with someone in my airplane unless they wear a mask and have been fully vaccinated. 

Good for you. If your instructor isn't vaccinated and boosted, find another instructor.