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International issues
Where would I post/find topics on international flying? With the demise of the Red Forum, there does not appear to be anywhere to post on International Flying issues.
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I am presently completing my renewal of my CFI certificate using the AOPA EFIRC program. Interestingly, there is a lot of emphasis on training and education to improve the General Aviation community. International Flying is especially challenging because it involves not only USA regulations but also involves regulations of all the countries of overflight and landing. Getting information on those regulations and what pilots need to know is much more difficult and with the loss of the Red Forum, that opportunity has been lost. Is there any interest to open an International Flying Discussion?   

Also, is there any way of getting this annoying,  green "Auto Saved" bar from appearing while I am typing? It has taken me twice as long to type this as it appears right on top of where I am typing.