Cuban Overflight Permits
Cuba has made an immediate change to its overflight permit regulations/procedures and is considering additional changes.

The first change is that, effective immediately, they are NO LONGER issuing "free" overflight permits for aircraft with an MTOW below 6,600 lbs. It is not clear what activities or situations may have provoked this decision but they have definitely put an end to them.

Another change that Cuba is considering is requiring all aircraft that use the airways G765/UG765 between Cozumel VOR (CZM) and MAXIM (just south of Key West) to have an overflight permit and pay for airspace fees. This change would be significant because IFR flights from Cancun (MMUN) and Cozumel (MMCZ), as well as other traffic coming from Central America, towards the Florida Peninsula are routed along these airways. Other airways that will likely be affected are V106/UV106 which join the airways indicated above. IFR flights from Florida towards the Yucatan Peninsula are still routed along the other oceanic airways and will not be affected. We are in constant contact with the Cuban authorities and will monitor this situation.
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We were advised yesterday by the Cuban Civil Aviation Authorities that they are proceeding with the requirement for an Overflight Permit for aircraft that fly along G765 and UG765 inside the Cuban Flight Information Region (FIR). While they are in the process of notifying the necessary departments and ATC authorities in neighboring countries, they have yet to define a definitive date where aircraft without a valid Overflight Permit will be denied access. Operators are urged to prepare for this requirement by obtaining Cuban Overflight Permits when planning to fly along G765 or UG765 to avoid costly and unexpected delays due to being denied entry into the Cuban FIR if the requirement is suddenly enforced.