Visiting Mexico over the New Year - Entry Permits
If your plans involve travelling to Mexico in late December, and returning in early January, please read on:

No, this is not a Corona versus Dos Equis discussion; rather, a not as much fun but important discussion of entry permits. There are two types of permits for entering Mexico - A Single Entry Permit (SEP) and a Multiple Entry Permit (MEP). By law, an aircraft cannot remain in Mexico more than 180 days and the aircraft must have a valid entry permit to substantiate its presence in the country. A SEP is valid for 180 days or until the aircraft departs the country, whichever happens first. The MEP expires at the end of the calendar year and the aircraft using this permit may enter and depart as many times as is wished during the calendar year as long as it does not remain in Mexico for more than 180 days at any one time.

The issue pertaining to staying in Mexico over the new year is with Multiple Entry Permits (MEP). So, if an aircraft is to remain in Mexico beyond December 31, the pilot/operator should NOT enter the country with their MEP but should rather request a SEP because the SEP will always be valid for 180 days and is not specific to any calendar year. Upon departure in the new year, the permit will be voided so the pilot can request a MEP the next time they return to Mexico. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should an aircraft owner/operator allow their aircraft to be in Mexico beyond December 31 unless they are using a SEP, NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS. I would also encourage anybody who is planning to be in Mexico beyond mid-December to follow the same procedure because if they have an AOG problem, they could go past the end of the year before the aircraft is repaired.