Circumnavigating South America

I am starting to plan my big trip circumnavigating South America and would love some input  from someone  that has done this trip before. 
Please send me any information that you wish to share  as well as your route.
Could you pm me with any information
In general we are planning to go down the west coast starting in Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and back up the East coast through Surinam, the Caribbean Islands back to Florida
Thanks for sharing

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Hi Richard

I’ve flown from Florida down to south America several times in my C182. 

I’ve done different variations of this route several times,  very important to consider is 100ll availability , all of the airports listed below should have it.

Miami Executive - Montego Bay Jamaica - Cartagena Colombia - Cali Colombia - Guayaquil Ecuador - Trujillo Peru - Lib Mandi Lima Peru - Pisco Peru - Arica Chile - Atacama Chile - La Serena Chile - Pucon Chile - Valdivia Chile - Puerto Montt Chile.


let me know what other information you would like.