List of Mexican AOEs?

I understand there are two different lists of airports of entry in Mexico, one for piston and one for turbine aircraft. I've seen (partial?) lists on the web in various places, but none are dated and none are sourced. What is the current, accurate, up to date list of AOEs in Mexico, and what is the official source for this information?

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CST Flight Services has a complete list of airports of entry for Mexico in their membership web site - 

Airport data is arranged by city and state, including ICAO designator. It is updated regularly including most recent fuel prices for jet-A and avgas, and is the most current and accurate list of AOE's in Mexico I am aware of.

In general, sourcing this amount of information, and constantly ensuring it is current, mostly by maintaining subscriptions to Mexico's AIP, is a complex task and takes many man-hours to do. In most cases it is proprietary information, such as is the case here. That is why it is difficult, if not impossible, to find such a list of AOE's freely offered online.