Crossing the ADIZ

So I've been wanting to fly to the Bahamas and understand all of the documents required to cross over. However, AIM 5-6-4 has me confused on a couple of items… 

For instance, the AIM states that “The estimated time of ADIZ penetration must be filed with the aeronautical facility at least 15 minutes prior to penetration except for flight in the Alaskan ADIZ, in which case report prior to penetration.” Does this mean that I must verbally report when I am 15 minutes out from the ADIZ to ATC, or file a DVFR flight plan at least 15 minutes prior to crossing? 

Also, 5-6-4 also states that the flight plan must contain the time and point of ADIZ penetration. Is this something that pilots are responsible to do, or does Flight Service handle this information and forward it to NORAD once it is filed? If pilots are responsible, how is it entered into the remarks section of the ICAO flight plan?


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The ADIZ time is covered in your eAPIS filing outbound & inbound. It’s a throwback to the old days when we didn’t have radio comms coming back until we were close to mainland Florida. 
Anything over 7,000’ and you are talking to Miami Center and get a transponder code making the ADIZ requirement superfluous. Low altitude freq over Grand Bahama / Freeport is 132.95.  
No real radar over Bahamas, so self reporting position & Bahamian pilots fudge their location to get priority landing. I fly there several times a month; let me know where you’re going & be glad to give you the info. 

Thank you so much, Jeff. Makes a little more sense. I’ve been watching videos of other pilots do the crossing VFR and haven’t heard anyone report 15 minutes out or special remarks for the flight plan. In my opinion, the AIM does not describe it clearly! 

Remarks section is blank unless you have an overflight exemption - that’s where it goes if you’re not landing at one of the usual AOE.