Tahiti sightseeing

This is my first attempt to post. I am hoping that this finds its way to someone who can give a useful response. 

I recently returned from a great trip to Tahiti, but it was marred by a failure to be able to go on a flightseeing adventure I had tried to arrange. Maybe you can help figure out what I should have done to be more successful and share it with your readers. 

I had made prior contact with the company C3P that was based in the main airport for Tahitia at Fa’aa, airport ID NTTA. For this trip, our focus was a cruise around a number of the islands, and we included a 3-day add-on at the nearby island of Moorea. For the flight, we could either fly out of the main operating base at NTTA which would require us to catch a 15-minute taxi to the Moorea port and ride the ferry for 45 minutes to Fa’aa and then taxi to the airport, or pay for the pilot to fly over to the Moorea airport (NTTM). They priced that add-on flight at about $125 so I opted for that. We agreed on a date and time, but there were several efforts to communicate after we arrived that did not give me much confidence that all arrangements were set. In short, we went to the airport at the agreed upon date and time and were stood up. I then realized I didn’t have a contact number for the company. We finally reached C3P through help of our oh-so-friendly Moorea taxi driver, Paulina, and her engaging the Air Tahiti rep to help make calls. Bottom line, the C3P rep was not at her desk, and when she finally was there, she told me that the air traffic controllers were on strike so the flight could not happen. So there is my key question: would their being on strike prohibit a GA flight from NTTA to NTTM? Here in the good ole USA, that would probably not be an issue. But we were not in the US, so I have to ask. The Air Tahiti flights into Moorea still occurred. This was on March 11, 2023. I confirmed that French air traffic controllers were on strike that day. 

I did a brief internet search for GA flight regulations for Tahiti, but didn’t find anything. Where should I have gone for this background info?