What's the deal with assets?
I don't have a simulator at my school, but I can see that I can add aircraft under here as well. Why would I do this? I work freelance. Some of the time I am training out of T74 and using rental aircraft from a rental company there. Some of the time I am training out of GTU using my student's planes. Should these planes be added? Is there a away to assign a student to a specific location?
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William, thank you for your question. The airplane asset is a remnant of the original build before we integrated with third-party schedulers.   You don't need to add aircraft to your AFTA Owner's Portal.  

Currently, you can not assign a student to a specific location as the student can be seen by all locations and all instructors.  If you assign the student an instructor that instructor becomes the student's primary CFI.  This makes that student appear on that instructor's iPad dashboard and list of students.  If you do NOT assign the student a primary instructor that student will still be viewable by all instructors but in the +Temp student screen of the iPad (in My Students).