Signing Up New Students
I signed up a PPL candidate today who was already an AOPA member.  He subscribed through the signup page on AOPA (  I had tried to add him through my portal, but could not get it to work.  A short tutorial on the forum here or on the video library would be helpful.  

Now, here's my question. I'm back at home now and wanted to assign his first lesson but I am not seeing him on my portal or on my AFTA app under MY STUDENTS.   How long does it take for him to show up on my AFTA app?
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AOPA Admin
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Hi Ed, I think I worked with you on this.  Please let me know.  I believe you successfully added that student after we spoke.  However, your suggestion is being taken seriously.  I will be creating many tutorials for almost everything going forward.  Please be patient as those are created.  Thanks again.