New to the Hangar (but not AOPA)
Hello everyone -- I'm a refugee from the "Red Board" and thought I'd introduce myself here.

I'll give "The Hangar" a shot and keep an open mind.

Folks from the Red Board probably know me.  For those that don't - I'm a longtime AOPA member, GA pilot and aircraft owner.  I'm also a professional pilot (I fly business jets), FAA Designated Pilot Examiner and CFI.  Finally, I'm a Lead Representative for the Teterboro (EA25) FAASTeam.  So for those of you in the Teterboro district, please consider me available and happy to discuss any safety concerns you may have at your local airport.

Let's see how this goes...  goodbye Red Board, hello "Hangar."

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Good to see you here, Ryan. (long-time Red Board lurker here...)
Can somebody summarize the problems that required closure of the previous forum? The previous statement about the reasons has been replaced by a simpler comment about the closure and its maintenance for a while in read-only status. But even the previous one only implied mis-use or other issues. I was not a frequent or regular participant. I saw a fair number of ad-hominem comments by some users, but I don't imagine that was the only problem.

Thanks--  HHH