Advanced Ground Instructor
I am new to HANGER.
AOPA member for 25+ years.
I want to get an Advanced Ground Instructor Rating.
Can someone who is an AGI help me with the correct steps to follow and text books to purchase.
I live in Colorado.
Thank you
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Ronald Levy 1219
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There are two tests you will need to take: Fundamentals of Instruction, and Advanced Ground Instructor.

The AGI test is essentially the same as the Commercial Pilot, and you'd use the same books.  Something like Bob Gardner's Complete Advanced Pilot would do nicely as a text, plus the following reference books:
  • Airplane Flying Handbook
  • Aviation Weather
  • Aviation Weather Services

If you have your CP ticket, it should be nothing new to you.

The FOI test is pretty much regurgitation of the Aviation Instructor"s Handbook.

Once you've passed both tests, you fill out an 8710-1 on IACRA and then get with a local examiner to finish the paperwork.
Here are some details as per your question.

I highly recommend the Gleim texts for both the FOI (Fundamentals of Instruction) and AGI.   I went through the FOI summaries given by Gleim a total of three times and got to the point where I could just directly review the entire body of sample questions in about two hours.   Passed with 98%.   

The FOI text from the FAA is included in the Gleim book.  That material is terribly boring, takes pages to say what is important, and will challenge you to stay engaged.  Read once and then just go with the Gleim summary material.   Gleim does an excellent job of explaining the concepts that relate to both Instruction and Learning.   Very interesting and valuable knowledge.

The AGI exam is more comprehensive than the PPL written.  I will be taking the AGI exam in a few weeks.   No endorsements are needed for the FOI and the AGI exams.

Read the Gleim summary text material carefully at least twice and preferably three times, follow each reading with answering all the sample questions and finally the practice exam.   After three completed readings, then you can just review the sample questions directly.  Soon you will consistently answer 90% or more correctly.   One final review on exam day and you will be more than ready.   The actual FOI exam questions were not 100% identical to the Gleim practice questions, but my 98% score shows that Gleim did their job well.

You may want to consider supplementing the Gleim text with practice exams from Gleim or Dauntless.   But if you want to save money, the Gleim texts are sufficient.    I have not decided whether to buy a practice exam service for the AGI exam, but if I do I will go with Dauntless as they provide lifetime access while Gleim is time limited and will expire.   

For sure, you will want to read the relevant FAA texts as just presented.  But they won't suffice for giving you the needed practice exam preparation.   You need the Gleim books for that.