"Geriatric" student pilot
Met an 85 yr old CFI - too, John Glenn flew in the space shuttle at 77.  Okay then - figured at 68 the least I could do is FINALLY learn to fly.
Planning on Instrument, Commercial and CFI certificates, but first - let's get that PPL.  Can't wait!
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Yes, FLY!  My uncle is 79, bought a 1959 172 and is learning to fly.  Go for it!
Congratulations on your decision, you won't be disappointed! I'm 74 and fly a 182 RG on a regular basis!
I got my Helicopter PPL at age 70.  You're never too old (unless you think you are).  I have an 85 yo friend who still has his ATP and 1c medical (he works PT as a ferry pilot).
If I could become a CFI at age 67, you can certainly learn to fly at “an advanced age.” If you can pass the medical exam, no reason you can’t be taught to fly.
Congratulations!  You'll do fine.  
I joined the UFO's (United Flying Octogenarians) last year.  You will be able to do that in a few years.
Go for it! Learning new things is the best way to stay young. Aiming high, to collect all the ratings and certificates is great, but I'm sure many here would back be up on saying that the best part of flying is the continuous journey of learning new things. The destination or a new rating is great, but these are just milestones along the way. Yes, first get that PPL, and enjoy the process while getting it!
It's a matter of perspective if getting an instrument rating at 50 is old, but I started learning at 18 and notice things take a little more practice to get them to stick compared to when I was younger. A mature attitude is a boon to safety and life wisdom counts for some of what you have to learn.
Glad to know I'm not the only older (68) person going for their PPL. Studying for the written is taking a lot longer than it would have thirty years ago:) Of course it doesn't help that I have to ace it to be satisfied.  I am committed and persistent however. Moreover I'm exited to start a new chapter in my life and sharing it with this great aviation community. Thank you all for sharing your stories.
Hang in there!!  I'm 71 (next week) and my check ride is scheduled for April 17 in a C152.  Been off and on for 3 years due to life circumstances, but now flying 3 x week to get ready.  I high recommend at least that often. I'm told after 60 years old it takes longer and costs more. I've found both to be true.  I've got 130 hours   so far with 34 solo (in 3 different planes). It's so much fun!  
“Go for it” is the right answer! Got my PPL at age 30 on the GI bill but couldn’t finish my IFR! Quit flying for 22 years & finally started back at 62 & joined CAP & my encouraging wife got cancer & died a year later & I was off for about 2 years, so now 64 & then went & bought an SR 22 Cirrus & began flying & working on my IFR! Finally on Friday the 13th of June at age 70 took my IFR CHK ride; that was 6 years ago & still at it😎 am from Arkansas but my buddy from Texas says Get’r done!
I'm flying as a student pilot at age 76,  Go for it man!!