"Geriatric" student pilot
Met an 85 yr old CFI - too, John Glenn flew in the space shuttle at 77.  Okay then - figured at 68 the least I could do is FINALLY learn to fly.
Planning on Instrument, Commercial and CFI certificates, but first - let's get that PPL.  Can't wait!
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Wondering how many here consider or are active in training by home simulation?   For a modest investment the technology is amazing.

“Shelter in Place” is all the more a good reason for student and seasoned aviators alike to explore the current world of home simulation.

Want proof of concept?   Read Rod Machado's article here:

More from Pilot Workshops on the value of Home Simulators:

For those on a budget the new Honeycomb yoke is a game changer. I have more expensive gear with a 65″ LED TV, a Yoko yoke, MFG Rudder Pedals, a Saitek throttle quadrant and a realistic flap switch from Desktop Aviator.

I recently switched from P3d (Lockheed Martin’s 64bit upgrade of Microsoft’s FSX) over to X-Plane solely to be able to use a neat software package called Air Manager which combined with a gadget called “Knobster” and a 23″ touch screen allows me to operate a whole host of instruments. As an example, I have Nav 1 and Nav 2 and simply touch and dial in radials. You can practice all manner of cool navigation exercises known so well by all you IFR magicians, but equally important for those seeking their PPL.   For simulation of real world ATC, you can't do better than PilotEdge, subscription based, with actual trained controllers covering almost half the western USA. 

Training?? I have an excellent CFII who screen shares on Skype as we continue training weekly. After I type this I will be taking another practice flight to be ready for tomorrow’s lesson.

Finally, if anyone wants to know where home flight simulation is going in a few months, check out all the buzz around Flight Simulator 2020 (Microsoft and a genius French video lab called Asobo). Want to fly over your own house? FS2020 is based on Bing’s satellite imaging with 3cm resolution and an AI engine to make for ultra realistic scenery for just about everywhere. Brand new physics for aircraft and weather that finally matches real world flight.

Home simulation offers more than most would imagine and is an excellent way to keep fresh on pilot skills while we await a turning of the tide later this year.

Mark Brow
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I am 69 yrs old in a few days and received my PPL last fall. Keep going and enjoy . I always treasure every hour I can be inside the sky! Good luck to you and CAVU!!!!!
MB Indiana,USA
Oh! That’s good to hear! I was about to pull the trigger on the start of my PPL at age 62 when COVID-19 took out my funding source!
Good to see others in training, I’m 85 and been flying for 62 years and instructing for 40 years. Now spending most of my time with middle and high school students on a RedBird TD2 hoping to help reduce the pilot shortage down the road.
63 is the new 43. Go for it and enjoy!
I’m 63. Do I qualify as geriatric?I’m working away on my ifr.....again!,, I thought I was too old to bother. I’m a 2000 hour pilot with a number of ratings and continue to fly but honestly it’s stupid for me not to have this rating behind me. Now a  life project it seems. But I hesitate at times  thinking about my age and that I’m might only be at this a short while longer.  I’m healthy fit and airworthy. Reading this thread changes my outlook..thanks for starting this thread... btw I’m canadian so our system is a bit different that the u.s but you get the idea