25+ year member checking-in on the net...from Carlisle, PA
Col. Michael Marra 12447
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Mike Marra here from Carlisle, PA (N94 Airport).  Proud Cessna 150M owner since 1998.

Member of the "Keystone Flight Flying Club -- we are an eating club with a flying problem."

Always up for a flight for a good crab cake, burger or pizza!

Great to see you all here and hope to meet up with some of you at some airport cafe' somewhere!

The Keystone Flight plans flying outings on our site: 

All welcome!

All the best - 

Mike Marra, N714AJ

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Kristen Rayner 13980
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Hi Mike! Love the club's tag line!! :)
Curt Stein 4193
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hi Mike,
can i use your name as a sponsor to join the Tapatalk for Keystoneflight?