Why You Got Your Pilot Certificate & What It Means To You
After reading Natalie Bingham's February 2020 article on lifesaving missions, which was stories about why folks got their certificates. Some great and inspiring story's in that article. It got me thinking that folks may want to do the same here (share their reasons for joining the pilot ranks). 
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Hey Shane! I'm working toward my PPL with the goal of starting an aviation-related company (details under development), including drone use 😀 and, of course, I just love flying!
I got my pilots license because I was an A&P Mechanic with Inspectors Authorization (A&P-IA).  I figured, if I'm going to work on airplanes I best know how to operate/fly them.  This worked out very well during my career as an A&P and IA, as I could relate to the pilot/customers concerns.
I had wanted to fly since I was a child. My mom was the top selling agent for a small. local real estate company. As fate would have it, those two seemingly unrelated facts would conspire to put me in the left seat.

The owner of the real estate company had just purchased two brand new Piper aircraft and put them on leaseback at the local flight school. Since mom was making the company good money, the aircraft were offered to me at a substantial discount - just buy the gas and pay the instructor. About $27/hour back in 1984. That was, as they say, a no-brainer and provided my entry portal into the world of aviation.

Fast forward to today - 36 years, 10,000 hours, and hundreds of students later, it is still as much fun as it was the day I soloed at age 18 back then; that day was only bested by the day, much later, when I soloed a helicopter. Both will always be remembered with fond memories.