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D Bauer
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Please do away with the pop-ups on the page.  I will always leave a page with pop-ups.  I pay to be part of AOPA for the advocacy and ease of information access.  A full screen pop-up asking if I have a question is not helpful.
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I do agree with You Mr. D. Bauer.
Agreed, and while you're doing that how about reducing the gigantic font sizes on the articles. It make me think you believe we're all 5 years old. We fly airplanes! We can see!
I agree, very annoying.
I agree, these things are always annoying no matter who does them.  Fortunately many can be stopped by setting the options in the "tools" menu.  Check how depending on your browser.  Incidentally a lot of other junk can be stopped by "Adblock."  That certainly helps with youtube music sites.
I concur. Please, no pop-ups.
Man, no kidding. Interstitials are unbelievably annoying and distracting; they accomplish exactly the opposite of what they're allegedly intended to do - they destroy user engagement. Absolutely nobody ever sees the page go dark and a "HEY YOU NEED TO CLICK HERE!!!!" popup and thinks "Yes good I should do this." I already lit up AOPA's feedback and received a "too bad so sad" in reply.