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D Bauer
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Please do away with the pop-ups on the page.  I will always leave a page with pop-ups.  I pay to be part of AOPA for the advocacy and ease of information access.  A full screen pop-up asking if I have a question is not helpful.
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Agree with the pop issue. My ad blocking routines will permit ads that do not attempt to pass my info to google analytics, google tag service, google anything else it tries to track me with services.

I will permit ads that do not attempt to track, spy, or otherwise harrass me. This means if you display an ad with information I might find useful on your web page with a simple http/https link, I will likely click on it.  You send that click to google and it will never be seen.  I am told by those that program these things that this is part of the "advertising landscape."   A city dump is part of the landscape too.  That doesn't mean I'll shop there.
J Killian
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I couldn't agree more  - at any cost - do away with them.  They have prevented me from replying to several threads - as I cannot see what I am typing.  Get rid of them
I agree!! the pop-up AOPA page is a real pain.  I have been a member for over 35 years.  Why oh why do I have to tolerate a pop-up when I read the news page of AOPA, asking be to join AOPA.  Absolutely crazy.
I could not agree more with discontinuing pop ups.  I pay full membership and have for many years and when I need information the pop only leads me to seek other web sites! 
I have several grand children that are becoming pilots and would like to recommend supporting GA through AOPA but i need access to information not pop ups!
Man, no kidding. Interstitials are unbelievably annoying and distracting; they accomplish exactly the opposite of what they're allegedly intended to do - they destroy user engagement. Absolutely nobody ever sees the page go dark and a "HEY YOU NEED TO CLICK HERE!!!!" popup and thinks "Yes good I should do this." I already lit up AOPA's feedback and received a "too bad so sad" in reply.
I concur. Please, no pop-ups.