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Where can I find airfields with camping?
Hoss At AOPA
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This question has come up occasionally in years past. It has become more common now that people don't necessarily want to stay in hotels and may have more time on their hands, with normal diversions not being available/open.

The best source I've found for this specific type of information can be found on the Recreational Aviation Foundation's (RAF) website. The RAF has a tool called their Airfield Guide, which provide a wide variety of information, not just information on airfields with camping. While you're there you may also want to check out the RAF as well. They're a great organization with a noble mission statement.

If you know of any other good guides or sources out there for this type of information feel free to sound off below. You never know you might be able to turn someone on to their new favorite spot they never knew was there.
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I would add the AOPA online airport directory as another source to check -
On that landing page, check the 'camping on field' box under the airport amenities column. Your search will be quicker if you select a state rather than a specific airport.
I found the search function on the AOPA directory was either not working or else not intuitive. In any case, I was unable to follow Daddis' suggestion successfully. I WOULD like to find airports with camping during Covid.
Hoss At AOPA
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Hi Robert,

I've found that the RAF Airfield Guide works very well, has many useful and unique features, and displays the information very clearly. Its the one that I would recommend.

I'm also passing your comments about the AOPA directory along to our IT group, we definitely appreciate the feedback.
If you're near the Central Coast of California consider the amazing Oceano Airport Campground (L52 - AWOS-3: 118.375). We have a grass campground with picnic tables, a fire pit with free firewood, great for those cool nights or days, And roasting marshmallows or hotdogs. We are near the beach with easy access to convenient restaurants and hotels. The Friends of Oceano Airport has bikes to ride to the beach or eateries; free for all pilots and friends. If you have never been here, you are in for a treat!
We are a 501c3 non-profit, helping our community. During Covid19 we are having our Oceano Toys for Kids Virtual Event🎅. Please check us out at Thank you and Happy Holidays!


specific search in AOPA airports (look to the camping field) here