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Sweepstakes Rules
The Sweepstakes Rules state: "Potential winners will be notified within ten (10) days by email, mail, commercial courier, or by phone. Three attempts will be made to contact potential prize winners within a ten (10) day period."

So how is it possible to surprise the winner by showing up with the aircraft?

What is the purpose of having potential Canadian winners answer a time limited mathematical skill-testing quiz?

Just curious.
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In our defense, AOPA does locate the person or persons with whom we start the ruse within that 10 day period. If, for some reason, we were unable to track down the winner while setting up the ruse, we'd let them know in a less exciting way - such as mail, email, phone, etc. But to my knowledge, no winner has been so reclusive, and we've never had to resort to such notification methods. I would like to think that a phone call notification of a win, while certainly nice, would pale in comparison to a "Hey, that airplane you're looking's yours!" type of notification AOPA has done for so many years.

Regarding Canadian winners - Canadian sweepstakes law has a requirement that sweepstakes cannot be won on luck or chance alone. The potential winner must answer skill testing questions even having won otherwise, such as by a chance draw, before claiming the prize The 'winners are chosen by luck' component of sweeps rules must be removed for a giveaway to be legal in Canada or for a Canadian citizen.