NASA SATS and FASTA USA's National Interstate FLYWAYS System - The NIFS

Tampa, Florida  February 8, 2021


FEI - NASA demonstrated their Small AIRCRAFT Transportation System ( SATS ) at Danville airport, June 2005.

FASTA USA will demonstrate the Small Airports Transportation System - the SATS-NIFS in 2024 .


The Federal Air & Surface Transportation Alliance ( FASTA ) is continuing the program and invites all pilots, aviation managers, clubs, operators, organizations ... to join the FASTA Alliance to continue the basic NASA SATS vision mission goal.


FASTA USA is developing the National Interstate Flyways* Systems ( NIFS ) as the core element our SATS.


There are three major elements to the FASTA NIFS:


  1. The NIFS/SATS operating system as a consortium linking all airports and aircraft operators in a financial cooperative.


2.   NIFS Global Airports - SATS Hub airports **


3.   NIFS flagship aircraft - the new Powered Air Taxi aircraft, the GJRC 5019C and others.


FMI Text only Tampa 813784-4669



  • 1700 - Waterways
  • 1800 - Railroads
  • 1900 - Highways
  • 2000 - Flyways
  • * 20th Century airports: City, County, State, Regional, National International

      21st Century airports: eMetro AirTaxi and Global airports…