VFR routes SoCal to Denver
I am interested in learning what VFR routes people like to fly from Southern California to Denver in 182 or equivalent aircraft. My main area of interest is crossing the continental divide. Thanks for your sharing!
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Thanks so much!  We look forward to some awesome fling, weather perky!
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I flew first to Page from Orange County in my Beech Deboniar. From there flew VFR to Farmington then Cumbress pass to La Vita pass. Then turned left up to Centennial. After Farmington, climbed to 14,000 on oxygen.  Flew early in the morning to avoid thunderstorms. This is the main reason for the stop in Page before crossing the Rockies, so we could leave early in the morning. Just barely beat the weather. But flight was smooth and clear. Reversed on the way home. 
Gary Justus
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Passes to avoid: Monarch Pass 11312' (between Gunnison and Salida). Marshall Pass 10854' is better and just a bit south of Monarch Pass. La Veta Pass 9413' (between Alamosa and La Veta) can be real bad when winds are high (Venturi effect). Check the La Veta winds on-the-pass AWOS-3 on 119.925. Wolf Creek Pass 10857' (NE of Pagosa Springs CO) is high and narrow although I've flown it in my Grumman Tiger.

Passes I recommend: Mosca Pass 9740' on SE corner of Great Sand Dunes NP NE of Alamosa, CO. Kenosha Pass 9994' N of Fairplay, CO.  Cumbres Pass 10022' just NE of Chama, NM. Avoid flying directly over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains unless you are several thousand feet above them, except Mosca Pass.

Excellent 100LL fuel prices at Spanish Peaks Airfield 4V1 N of Walsenburg, CO. Also at Perry-Stokes TAD NE of Trinidad, CO, Erie EIK N of Denver and Platte Valley 18V N of DEN.

If coming up Interstate I-25 plan to fly east of Colorado Springs COS due to Fort Carson and Butts AAF FCS, R-2601 A and B, Air Force Academy, Pikes Peak, IR and VR military training routes, and many intensive AFA flight training areas on eastern plains. Contact Pueblo PUB Approach for flight following and handoffs to COS Class C and DEN Class B. You'll want a Denver TAC to study with its VFR flyways and DEN jet approach paths. Good uncontrolled airports are Erie EIK, Boulder BDU (parachutes and gliders), and Longmont (parachutes) LMO.

Enjoy the Wings Over the Rockies Museum in east Denver (wings museum.org) and its Centennial Airport Campus at APA in Englewood. Visit www.Coloradopilots.org for more flying resources info, such as: https://coloradopilots.org/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=612720&module_id=333183 Check density altitude!