Logging PIC time when flight covers more than one day
If I take off on Monday and land on Tuesday, which day should I use for the logbook?   It would only matter, I suppose, for meeting the currency requirements.

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Good question, Michael, but there is no specific FAA guidance on this.

FAR 61.51 on pilot logbooks requires the date of a flight, so, in keeping with the regs, I would suggest logging the flight accordingly - if you took off tonight at 11:30 pm and landed tomorrow at 1:00 am, I would log it as 5/10-11/21. Log the takeoff today and the landing tomorrow, which is when each would have been done.

I would agree that currency (passenger carrying) would be the only time it might come into question. But, since you need an equal number of takeoffs and landings for that purpose, if you pushed the limit, it still wouldn't work out right.
Yes - US practice on this is not intuitive.

UK practice (with which I am also familiar) has you log time and date at start and time and date at end of time you are logging - which covers the situation.