Helping Ukrainian Pilots

Fellow pilots,

I am assisting close friends (and current Ukrainian Stanford students) in an effort to provide humanitarian aid to members of the Ukrainian Air Force. We are raising funds to collect 50 GPS watches (or $40k in donations: 50 watches * $800 each). Are you able to donate a watch or contribute to this fundraiser?

Despite the creativity, courage, and talent of Ukrainian pilots, they face immense difficulties in combating the Russian Air Force. The main problem is an equipment and technology gap. From the start of Russia’s invasion, many of Ukraine’s ground-based navigation aids have been destroyed. Ukrainian pilots, with minimal-to-no navigation guidance, also need to fly abnormally low and fast to avoid detection.

Given these challenges, we have worked with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to identify a need for fifty Garmin watches – specifically the D2 Charlie.

I would sincerely appreciate your support in this effort as well as any mobilization of your community that you deem appropriate. Ukrainian pilots face overwhelming odds. Every bit of aid makes a difference, and these watches will be tremendously impactful.

They have allocated space to ship collected watches next Sunday, and again the following week. Time is of the essence. Please contact if you are able to participate or would like to spread the word.

There are very trusted friends who have been moving heaven and earth to do as much as they can from abroad to support their country from an unprovoked attack, and their families who have been displaced by war.


P.S. Check out our just-completed humanitarian mission to Ukraine. Over 30 tons of medical supplies were delivered to Ukraine!

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I would like to participate. Is there a way for me to participate by making a contribution from my retirement account to a charity that we use the funds to purchase the watches? Please let me know ASAP. Thank you Stan Jackson 904-624-4551
Michael Wu
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I may be able to help. I am the medical director of Phoenix International Foundation, Inc. ( a 501 c 3 organization. I am also a private pilot and AOPA member.

it will take a bit of work however; as an international relief agency we need to perform due diligence on our international partner. That is they need to be cleared on the State Department entity list and control measures be in place to assure the funding is sent to the proper person and use for the intended purpose.

if still interested, the organizer can contact me via our website.