Fly and Bike

Here’s another way to have that $100 hamburger flight. Take a fold up bike and explore the bike trails near an airport. I have collected a list of airports with easy access to bike trails.  and I just made this Google Maps based version

Updates are welcomed. Enjoy.

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Thanks for the information.  I've been looking for places that allow some bike exploration close.

This is great information.  One of the reasons I am looking to get a PPL is to be able to enter Enduro Mountain Bike races that are further away than I am willing to drive.  Having a list of trails near GA airports is awesome.

I've used my folding Dahon bike a few times when flying to First Flight in Kitty Hawk NC. It was fun but I'd rather have a full size folding bike like a Montague. My Maule has a pretty large baggage area once the quick release rear sling seat is removed. I think the Montague would fit well but I haven't actually tried it. I don't think a full size frame with wheels removed would fit though.

Let me recommend a folding e-bike!  I have two Qualisports Volador bikes that I can fit on the back seat of my 182.  Good compromise between weight, size, and range.

Bruce: Great page!  It could use a “title” tag.

Great information, and thanks for putting this together! I have previously fit 2 mountain bikes in the back seat of a 172 (front wheels removed and put down a blanket to protect the interior). We flew into Block Island and biked around the island for a few hours. Lots of great places to eat, fantastic scenery, calm on the off season/weekdays and a nice little airport. Highly recommend it.