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I completed the latest AOPA Survey (received on 5/11 /2022) and was disappointed. The survey merely mentioned a list of reasonable projects the AOPA was already pursuing and asked if I supported those efforts. Well, heck, it's hard to not support reasonable projects. I did find it particularly disappointing that the AOPA did not ask how I would prioritize those efforts and did not ask me what other projects I thought were worth pursuing. The survey was only for validation, not for feedback and that seems very limiting in terms of learning what the membership really values. 

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Completely agree with You, Mr. Joseph Lanthrum
C. Van Dam
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I agree completely with Joseph Lanthrum.  In addition to being able to prioritize and add other projects AOPA might consider, it would be nice if there was a ‘no opinion’ option for these questions.  As it is, one is forced to select ‘yes’ or ‘no’, even when - for me at least - I don't have a strong opinion on the proposed project.