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I completed the latest AOPA Survey (received on 5/11 /2022) and was disappointed. The survey merely mentioned a list of reasonable projects the AOPA was already pursuing and asked if I supported those efforts. Well, heck, it's hard to not support reasonable projects. I did find it particularly disappointing that the AOPA did not ask how I would prioritize those efforts and did not ask me what other projects I thought were worth pursuing. The survey was only for validation, not for feedback and that seems very limiting in terms of learning what the membership really values. 

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Completely agree with You, Mr. Joseph Lanthrum
C. Van Dam
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I agree completely with Joseph Lanthrum.  In addition to being able to prioritize and add other projects AOPA might consider, it would be nice if there was a ‘no opinion’ option for these questions.  As it is, one is forced to select ‘yes’ or ‘no’, even when - for me at least - I don't have a strong opinion on the proposed project.  

Chip Davis
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I, too, received the AOPA "Survey".  I get these questionnaires from all sorts of membership associations all the time.

What everyone seems to be missing is that these are not surveys to elicit information from the membership, or even to gauge the popularity of those initiatives with the membership.  They are simply a way to get a list of members who might be useful targets for other fund-raising appeals.  The survey answers themselves are information-free; AOPA already knows those programs are important and will continue to fund them.  The meta-data they want is "Is this member likely to respond to a request to fund other initiatives?"

Frankly, I think it is a sleezeball move when they could survey the membership with a well-crafted questionnaire that would produce statistically valuable data.  But that's a lot more work, and not their goal.
Marry Leg
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@Joseph Lanthrum I agree completely with you. Thanks for opinion.

Sincerely, Marry from legal files