Cochlear Implants

I'm a 72 year old instrument rated private pilot.  I have been wearing hearing aids for the past 35 years and have a current 3rd class medical.  Three weeks ago I had a cochlear implant in my left ear.  Are there any other pilots with CIs?  Lots of questions regarding this new experience.

Specifically, using headsets with ear cups that are not quite large enough to accommodate the larger behind the ear or off-the-ear sound processors.  Also, the use of Blue Tooth devices with a CI.

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@Janice Laxson

My (previous) CFI has two cochlear implants. Part of his bio on the flight school's website says:

«[CFI] is proudly one of the very few commercial pilots in the United States that have Cochlear Implants.»

So, yes! There are other pilots who have CIs. He uses a Bose headset, though I'm not sure which model. We have flown together for many hours and I'm not aware of any problems he has had with the fit of his headset or his ability to hear any verbal or radio communication. He is able to use Bluetooth.

If you have questions, you could contact him through Air Associates of Kansas.