New Facebook group "Airplane-Appraiser"
I have started a new Facebook group called airplane-appraiser.
All are welcome.  Being less than 2 weeks old, there are already a number of good posts.
Please read and expect to adhere to the "About" section which I have copied here.

Airplane-appraiser is a group which welcomes pilots, would be pilots, rebuilders of aircraft, curators of museums that collect aircraft, banks who lend money to purchase aircraft and those in the legal profession who try to right the wrong when something wrong, which is indigenous but rare to flying, occurs.

Aircraft Appraisers determine the value of aircraft. This includes the many aspects of valuation which starts with the market which is being considered and is adjusted by the various components of valuation to include but not to be limited to air frame, paint, interior, engines, usage, ownership history and damage history. We do not determine airworthiness. In this forum my goal is to answer questions and accept opinions about valuations, about modifications, about what you as the consumer are seeing in the market. Please do not ask for appraisals or valuations of aircraft. This simply can't be done on an interactive web site.

As a word to the wise, this forum will accept almost any post as long as it is directed at an aircraft or an aircraft manufacture or component manufacturer or ENTITY. We reserve the right and will exercise that right to delete any posts that are of a personal, combative or of a political nature. Finally, I would refer everyone to where you will find several articles by your moderator.
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-Ronald L. Herold, Ph.D., NSCA, MEII
Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser
USPAP Qualified
Sustaining Member – Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association
EAA Lifetime Member
AOPA Lifetime Member
(703) 573-2222

Check out the new Airplane-Appraiser group on FaceBook

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