Just decided to learn to fly at 70 years of age
As a kid I used to love planes.  I had models hanging from the ceiling in my bedroom, and I grew up near a large GA airport, Hayward, CA, as well as very close to Oakland Airport, so back then I would hang around the airports and get to know the guys in the tower.  They let me hang with them and watch as they worked.  I had visions of becoming a pilot, but then life got in the way.  Starting a family, having a career to support the family and so on put flying on the back burner. 

During the annual air show in Olympia, WA, where I now live, last summer I was sitting on my deck watching the planes fly over.  I'm within the Class D airspace of KOLM, so I see a lot.  I thought I should at least check on it.  OK, one demo lesson and I was hooked. 

I'm still a student pilot, but getting close, and I feel so at home once we get up in the air that I regret never having done this before, but I'm so happy I finally got started now.
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Welcome to the club and good luck with the rest of your training and getting your license. There is nothing I have found that I like better than flying and I've done a bunch of other things like ride motorcycles etc. There's nothing like just flying and there's no better way to travel. I guess in short, I love flying.
Thanks for the welcome Jimmy.  I also have a lot of miles on two wheels, I used to be a motorcycle safety instructor in California and have been in 37 states as well as several provinces and two territories of Canada.  Flying is even better!
Ronald Levy
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Never too late!  Take your time, progress at your own rate, and it will work out.  Speaking from my vantage point of 45 years as a CFI, I think you might want to look for an instructor who is age-compatible - s/he will have better understanding of where you have been and where you are now than some of the younger folks.
Thank you Ronald.  That is what I found, fortunately, when I started. An older instructor who loves to fly and he has children in college, so he is doing this because of his love of flying, not to try to build up hours.  We work very well together.
Hi Randy, I learned to fly just before I turned 60. Am a 99 and volunteer at the Historic Flight Foundation at Paine Field in Everett, WA. You can do it. Your time will be short as PIC but will be worth it. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. But no do-overs in life. Good for you.  (Marty Vale)

Just like tou Randy.  Started 2 years ago at 69. Just finishing up my IFR ticket now.  Is still a blast.  There are so many places to go with this skill. I'm thinking I want to learn mountain flying next. 
I got my PPL this January 16 days after I turned 70.  Now at 120 hours I am going to start IFR training this fall.  Good luck, blue side up. Enjoy.

I am now flying a Cardinal FG and loving it.
To all of you who have replied so far, it does me so much good to know others are doing or have done what I'm doing now. Age is just a number after all!
Me too!  Took some lessons as a young and free teenager, but, due to life, didn’t continue.  Finally earned my ticket at 66 yrs of age.  A proud accomplishment.  And during training, I encouraged my grown son to take lessons.  He just earned his instrument rating and we own a Cherokee 180 together.  Such a great time later in life!  The best thing I ever did!  And, I truly believe, it keeps you young.  Enjoy!! 
I got my PPL at 17 and stopped flying at 18. This year I turned 54 and bought a Comanche 250. I found a 79 year old ex military instructor to get recertified. The process has been wonderful. My wife, children, and grandchildren have traveled all over Texas on different flights. IFR training is definitely getting a closer look.