New to the AOPA Hangar
Hello Everyone,

I am a life-long airplane nerd. I have enjoyed plane watching and studying aircraft models and production since I was a little kid. I am currently working on collecting the entire "Jane's All the World's Aircraft" volumes, which has been adding fuel to my avgeek fire.

I am really excited because I was recently hired to be the COO of so I can live my dream and passion of looking at all kinds of aircraft every day!

I have my student pilot's license, and am looking at purchasing a small trainer type with a friend to start getting my license and building hours.

I look forward to getting more involved in the AOPA community!
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Hi, Cameron glad to make your acquaintance.  I feel like an aviation geek as well. I have not got as far as you have but there still is time. It sounds like you have an awesome job! Congratulations, looking forward to hearing more about your adventures.