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Hello everyone, I am a teacher who has recently joined the AOPA and EAA. I have a love of aviation that I should have pursued long ago. Listening to my father tell of his days in the Navy as an aircraft mechanic, I would devour his every word as he described some of the flights he would get to participate in. His squadron the WV1 was based at NAS Quam. Typhoon chasing in an EC-121 warning star seemed to the right next to walking on the moon. Needless to say, I have fond memories of him. RIP. 
I got involved in this to follow the High School Initiative, and also to learn to fly someday soon. I am hoping to find like-minded people around KMJD that would like to form a flying club. There are some a little farther than I want to drive but they seem to quite inactive for the last couple of years. I hope to get a group started around here soon. 
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Your teaching position gives you some unique opportunities in aviation.  Civil Air Patrol (CAP) has a program for kids ages 12-17 which allows them to fly powered aircraft and gliders for free, and some Wings (state level) have low cost avenues to teach kids to fly and obtain their PPL.  CAP also occasionally funds a Teacher flights as well.  Contact a local CAP Squadron Commander to learn more.
James is right about the Civil Air Patrol's "Aerospace Education Program" and here is a link to it:

There is a one-time fee of $35, but they provide materials for the teachers and they provide about 16-teaching aids.  See details on that site.