Singular Sensation (November, 2018 Pilot Magazine)
Just finished reading the article about the Everel single-blade propeller. What really caught my eye was the machinist, Larry Kropp, who helped restore the Everel for Eugene Breiner. I knew Larry when I was a lineboy at Hershey Airpark from the late 1960's through the mid 1970's. Larry had a Stinson and then a Cardinal that he kept at Hershey. It was great to see that Larry is still up and around. To this day, working at that airport was the best job I've ever had. We had more fun at that airport that it was hard to believe I was getting paid, and paid well, to work there, and to earn my private ticket at a fraction of the cost. There's a nice history of the airport at Abandoned and Little-known airfields

Thanks for the memories.

Greg Miely