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Hi All,

Does anyone have a recommendation for a reputable airplane broker? My friends and I are considering buying our first plane (we live in California) and the plane is for sale in North Carolina. We are interested in enlisting the services of a broker to assist us with contacting the seller's broker, walking through the process, and the finalizing the sale.

Thanks in advance

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@Ali Taghavi  I am an aircraft broker, in addition to being an airline pilot.  Please contact me a 720-839-7652 to discuss the service I can provide.  



Look no further than Terry Sherman at Sherman Aircraft Sales, Inc. He is located at North County Airport (F45), West Palm Beach, Florida. 
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Hi Ali,

My partners and I have owned several aircraft in Marin county.  I’m happy to share my experience with you if you’d like to email me to share contact info.


@Ali Taghavi

Ali - use whatever broker you wish but I would recommend that you have the aircraft professionally appraised BEFORE negotiating the price and entering into a Purchase Agreement.  You can find the closest professional aircraft appraiser by going to www.appraiseaplane.biz and signing up for the free Appraiser Finder.  Put in the location of the aircraft and the system should return the closest trained, professional and experienced aircraft appraisers.  

You want someone to look at the aircraft and go through the logs as part of their reporting and analysis.  This is what the professional aircraft appraiser should do.  The report will give you valuable information BEFORE you begin negotiating the price and/or highlight things that should be more closely examined during the prebuy such as a mod that may not be documented properly or a repair from a damage event.  

Good luck.

Call Eric at Flight Source International in Sarasota, FL  (KSRQ).  He is a solid guy and they have a massive geographic scope.  They tend to the jet crowd but I know they handle some of the GA aircraft as well.

what you were really looking for is an Aircraft Appraiser Who does buyer agency. There are many steps in the process that need to be addressed including writing a contract doing a pre-buy and of course valuing your purchase.

this is what I do for a living. Please feel free to contact me if you need some assistance.

you might also want to check out the Airplane – Appraiser group that I run on Facebook.

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