Alien Flight Student Program and changing CFIs
Not in my happy place :(
Unfortunately my CFI took a job in another state and had to move.  I've found another, but it seems that as I'm not a US citizen I have to go through the. TSAs AFSP process again.  I only started my flight training 3 months ago after having to wait nearly 3 months to be approved the first time.

I'm kinda at a loss to understand why they need to vet me again.  If they approved me to learn to fly with one CFI, why do they need to approve me again just to learn with someone else?  I understand the desire to check out non citizens before they're allowed to learn to fly, but having to do it again after just three months seems overkill.   I really don't wanna have to wait months again and lose all the momentum :(

Anyone else been through this?  Anyone have any tips to speed up the process?


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Ronald Levy
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If you're changing instructors at the same flight school, there is no need to get reapproved.  However, if you're dealing with independent instructors, there is no way to avoid it.