Where can I obtain CRM Crew Resource Management Training?
This may sound like a strange request from a drone pilot, but I need a quote for CRM training for four (4) non-pilots.
I'm looking for CRM trainer, who can teach CRM principals adapted to a specific type of mission.
Prefer someone/some place near Greenville, South Carolina
I will consider online training.

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Hi Doug.  WINGsReality EDU has two resources for your CRM training.  One is the WINGsReality EDU Private Pilot Ground School.  For several years now, we have been cross training all manned and unmanned aircraft pilots in our Private Pilot Ground School as all pilots and users of the National Airspace System must have a common core of knowledge to operate safely in the system.  CRM is a component of a higher level program known as Aeronautical Decision Making or ADM.  In addition to ADM and CRM training, the Private Pilot Ground School covers all information that all pilots need to know.  The second resource for ADM/CRM training is the WINGsReality EDU online Flight Review Ground School.  All manned aircraft pilots must complete a flight review every 24 calendar months.  The online Flight Review Ground School covers the ground portion of the flight review in 5 short training modules.  One of those modules is specifically an ADM/CRM module.  Both of these programs can be completed online from anywhere in the world.  We highly recommend that all UAS pilots complete a the WINGsReality EDU Private Pilot Ground School as it is the most comprehensive and complete source of UAS training available anywhere, and is invaluable to safe UAS operations.  The flight review ground school is available on demand.  The Private Pilot Ground School is available either as a live course attended by both local and distance students or as an on demand course.  The next live semester starts in January 2020.  Here are some links to look at.  Thanks.


Although he does not conduct CRM training directly, you might contact a friend of mine located near GMU. Cliff Jenkins is an airline Capt but runs Trans World Compliance Group. He knows a lot of folks in your area.
Call him at: (864) 918-5684