IFR training KCAE
I'm a 450 hr IFR rated single piston pilot. Looking for and instructor to continue training with.  Any suggestions or referrals would be appreciated
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Ronald Levy
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Are you looking for a local instructor with whom you can train on a now-and-then basis, or an intensive "get 'er done" program in your plane at your location?  If the latter, I'm an instructor for Professional Instrument Courses, which has been doing this for almost 40 years.  PIC can provide both a complete 10-day program or a shorter (typically 5 days or so) "finish up" course if you have much of the training done already.  You can reach the company at 800-I-FLY-IFR or www.iflyifr.com or reach me directly through this site to learn more about this option (and I'll talk with you about how it works even if you go with one of PIC's competitors).
Try Harry Bous 954.918.3844.