Apps/Software for Proficiency Training Plans?
Hello AOPA Hivemind-
In addition to integrating a productivity tracking app such as Todoist with Google Calendar to set reminders for scheduling proficiency and currency flights, I'm seeking out any apps or other planning software that pilots use to keep track of their proficiency flight training plans. Ideally, I'm looking for something a little more focused than the syllabi I used for my private and instrument training; something that I can pull up during my pre-flight briefing with a safety pilot to make sure I maximize my flight time. The idea being that I can glance at my plan to verify I've covered my goals without having to think about what I'd like to practice next while in the air. For example, I envision a checklist of approach types or a diagram of Pattern A or a list of variations on things like slips and stop-and-goes in the pattern. Currently I use Microsoft OneNote and Notation to keep track of ideas for proficiency flights, with links to articles in Flight Training magazine. I'm afraid Foreflight's Checklist capabilities, though robust, require a bit more effort to design for each one-off plan I have; I'm looking for template to tweak, and perhaps this all exists in a CFI world that I'm unaware of.
Any suggestions?