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When checking the VOR for IFR flight of an aircraft with a single VOR, can you use a known air or ground point (for example, a radial overhead an airport)?  Or does it have to be one of the VOT or VOR air or ground checkpoints listed in the back of the Airport Facilities Directory (AFD / Chart Supplement)?  There do not seem to be very many VOT or VOR air or ground checkpoints near Austin, TX?  It would be impractical to fly an hour away every 30 days just to log the VOR test.  Thank you.
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We utilize the method described in 91.171 (4) to keep compliance.  We utilize a runway end at a private field as our "prominent object" located along V-441 (the 018 degree radial of V-441) located 22 NM from the GNV VOR.  Additionally, we augment the checks with Administrator VOR checkpoints or VOT's while we are at other airports.

Hope this helps.

91.171 VOR equipment check for IFR operations.

(4) If no check signal or point is available, while in flight -

(i) Select a VOR radial that lies along the centerline of an established VOR airway;

(ii) Select a prominent ground point along the selected radial preferably more than 20 nautical miles from the VOR ground facility and maneuver the aircraft directly over the point at a reasonably low altitude; and

(iii) Note the VOR bearing indicated by the receiver when over the ground point (the maximum permissible variation between the published radial and the indicated bearing is 6 degrees).

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The key is to use a blue airway radial on the sectional.  The FAA requires this so you're sure it's a radial which has been flight-checked.  And as well as an airport, you can use any sort of "prominent ground point" that lies directly under an airway radial, such as an interstate intersection, big tower, bridge over a river, etc.
Thank you.  I appreciate both responses!  Great info!