No longer Rusty? Share your story here!
We absolutely love reading stories from pilots who recently completed their flight review after a long hiatus from flying. Just last week we heard from a pilot who attended a Rusty Pilots seminar in December 2016 - he was proud to report that he received his Flight Review endorsement on April 22, 2017 - after more than 10 years away from the cockpit! Are there any other pilots out there who have recently completed their flight review after a long break?
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Prior to attending the Rusty Pilots seminar at the Bremerton Fly-In last summer, my last flight was on September 2, 2001.  Work and a new family put flying on hold, but heath issues sidelined me permananently (or so I thought).  The aeromedical staff at the AOPA booth explained that I could get my medical back, and walked me through the steps.  After 6 hours of flight instruction, I completed my first BFR, on September 15th.  That's 16 years, 2 weeks since my last flight.

​I only wish I could have joined you all in Camarillo.

Thank you Meghan & Chris.
WOW! 16 years, that's certainly something to celebrate! It's just like riding a bike, right?
I quit flying and sold my plane (Luscombe) in 1965 so I could go racing, couldn't afford both. In 2013 after I had been retired a few years I decided to bite the bullet and start over. That is when I found out my PPL certificate was still good. I just had to get a current medical and get checked out to rent. I was ready to solo after about 8 hrs. If I had known I probably have started over when I retired in 2002, oh well. :-)

               Jerry Sterner
I started flying in 1988 taking lessons in a rented Grumman Lynx. After getting my private I bought a Yankee,  which I flew a few years. I sold it plannig to upgrade to a 4 seater, which didn't happen. I rented a few years until they became unavailable. As I got older I was concerned about the physical, although I didn't have any obvious defects. I started looking at aircraft about a year ago, didn't find wahat I wanted. Then I guess the stars alined The basic med came out, I found a Grumman Cheetah, And the rusty pilots program. I went to Indy Executive airport and Ted Spitzmiller did a great job. I got my phisical a few days before the seminar and my flight review a few days after, bought the Cheetah and am back in the air, after about 7 years.
It is stories like Michael's that get me pumped up for presenting the Rusty Pilot Seminar. It is a real pleasure and priviledge to get out among the pilot community every few weeks and share my knowledge and enthusiasm. Looking forward to Brainerd, MN next Saturday June 3rd.
Kind of Rusty: I only flew 28 hours between 1994 and 2016. In April of '16 I  bought a '75 Cessna 180 Skywagon (my third 180 in 40 years). I put about 125 hours on her this first year with trips from home base of Venice, Florida to Maryland several times, the Carolinas, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Planning to travel to NW Washington, Canada and points inbetween in August as well as to Texas and the Midwest on October.
The most difficult adjustment was to learn about all the new avionics using a Garmin 530W, Foreflight on an iPad, and negotiating the TFRs.

Nils Pearson
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