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James Roe
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In April 2007 my request for a 3rd class medical was denied.  The reason was, I proceeded forward without sound advice.  In 2017, I received a special issuance and immediately began flight training at the local FBO.  Accomplished flight review and instrument competency check.  I am still in the process of sharpening my rusty pilot skills.  On May 15th I purchased a G36 Bonanza and am now learing the mastery of the glass cockpit.  I am a 3200 hour commericial, multi instrument pilot.  Owned a C-310 for 23 years and feel like I am starting over.  The amount of information available today to the pilot using ADSB + Foreflight or Garmin pilot can be overwhelming.  I have taken advantage of BasicMed.  The process was painless and quick. Thanks to AOPA for leading the way and helping get me back in the left seat.
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Hi James - that's great news that you're back in the air again! We're so happy that BasicMed was a good experience for you. You might feel like you're starting over now, but it will all come back so quickly you won't event realize that it had been 10 years. Welcome back :)
Peter Kuhns
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Good story and great news. A G36? Holy moly that's a real airplane! 
Tim Niles
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Fantastic news! Congrats on your return. Enjoy the ride.