Old Pilot
I haven't had a "stick" my hand in 25-years.  Had to retake a complete 3rd. Class Medical because my last one was 1994 (over the 10-year rule).  The Senior AME passed me, but the FAA balked and required much in the way of additional documentation from my Doctors.  I'm 75-years old, so I can understand their "pain".  Finally, after 100+ pages of documentation fax'd to them (Reports from my Doctors, Lab Results, etc.), they (the FAA in Oklahoma City), finally gave me full approval just this last week!  I have also completed the Sporty's Flight Review Course (very good incidently), and my CFI recognizes this as Ground School portion of the Flight Review.  I have started the Flying portion, and hope to have a "sign-off on this in the near future.  Then BACK IN THE LEFT SEAT!  I'll take the AOPA "Rusty Pilot's Course" in Tampa, Florida at the end of this month.  So ..... for all you Old and Rusty Pilots, there really is hope.
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That's great Victor. I know you are looking forward to it.