Pilot Logbook Entries
I learnt to fly many years ago in the UK. At the time, I filled in my own logbook but with signed endorsements for first solo. etc.
I have now taken up flying again in the US but my instructor insists that he has to fill in the logbook entries.
Unfortunately he does not have the clearest of writing and it is very difficult to read.
I took great pride in my old logbook, not so much with this one.
Is there a regulation that states that only the CFI can fill in the entries during training?
Maybe I should switch to an electronic version!
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Ronald Levy
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There is no regulation requiring the instructor to enter anything but his/her signature block (signature, CFI number, and expiration date).  However, most instructors find it easier to write in the training accomplished rather than to dictate it to the student, so we prefer to do that writing ourselves.  And yes, switching to a good e-log system can eliminate all the handwriting/neatness issues. Just make sure the system you use is compliant with the FAA standards for electronic record-keeping, such as the Zululog, MyFlightBook, LogTenPro, and the one in Foreflight.
Thanks for the response
I have both Foreflight and LogTenPro so I will probably make the switch