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Daria Knupp
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We would love to hear what badges everyone is earning with the #AOPAPIlotPassport. Where are you going, where have you been? This is your chance to share your achievements. Do share and comment below.

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Trevor Smith
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Pretty proud of this one log five airports in California Nevada and Arizona
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Joseph Folsom
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There is no way to check in at Triple Tree Aerodrome to earn the badge for the Triple Tree 2019 GA flyin.  I called AOPA this morning and it appears that Triple Tree is not in the passport database, therefore there is no way to check in.  I'm hoping that once this issue is fixed, myself and other affected pilots can get the badge retroactively since I'm not physically there anymore.
Since I did the VA Aviation Ambassador Passport Program, I kind of keep forgetting to hit all the airports I've been to lately to get badges.  I forget to get KMGY, Valparaso, Parkersburg Waupaca, Oshkosh, State College, Leesburg, Cumberland MD, Crossville TN, Chesterfield VA.  That's just in the last month.  Maybe when you give out leather jackets I'll start remembering.  LOL.
I was delighted by the surprise badge that popped up when I went flying on July 4, 2019!  It's not listed on the AOPA Badge site.  Here's what it looks like:

Yet another "U.S. only" app.