Flying across the Florida Panhandle
Gary Moore
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Howdy Pilots…

I'm bringing a recently purchase Cessna 150 from it's home in Florida to Texas.  Flying across the Florida panhandle looks a big challanging with the plethora of military airspace.  Anyone local to the area have any tips or suggestions for that area?


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Hi Gary,

There is a good resource on , it has loads of information and a test at the end where you get a completion certificate. You can google Destin/Elgin airspace training. I flew into Elgin AFB in a corporate jet but thought it wouldn’t hurt to take the course even though it was for vfr traffic. Have fun with that 150!


Gary Moore
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Thanks Jimmy

Jerry Bean
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Easy and scenic East / West corridor along the beach just West of Eglin and a North / South corridor through the heart of restricted / busy stuff. Controllers are pretty friendly. Just communicate intentions early and ask questions if they have to do some creative routing for various special circumstances that come up in the panhandle every now and again. If you don't want to play with all of the mess there is also a VOR airway (198/521) off of Marianna that avoids most of the issues.

Rob Dant
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I agree with Jerry. Although the airspace looks ominous, the VFR corridor off the shoreline below 8500 feet is a piece of cake and keeps you out of the complicated stuff.

I use ForFlight to plan and track my route.  I don’t leave home without it👨🏻‍✈️

Delivered a PA28-140 from KBAZ to KSUA several years ago.  Several forest fires in the Pensacola/Eglin AFB area dropped inflight visibility to around 5 miles due to the smoke.  Factor in any weather variables and have a safe flight.