Drone Ops with Airband Communications around uncontrolled airports or towered
I would like to know if I can operate my drone around the airport and using an Airband transciever to communicate my position. And of course following all the Regs
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Ronald Levy
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That's an issue for the FCC, not the FAA, and the FCC has not yet created any specific rules allowing that.  As the FCC rules stand, you would have to go through the FCC process to obtain an aeronautical ground station license.  That takes time, some money, and the willingness and skill to navigate a rather opaque process.

​That said, as long as you use proper aviation communications procedures, I doubt any pilots around would object to you doing that at nontowered airports (and I suspect most would be pleased that you're doing that), and if nobody objects, it's most unlikely the FCC would ever hear about it.  At towered airports, I'd suggest phoning the tower chief and discussing your plans with them, but you need to do that anyway to operate a drone within tower-controlled airspace.